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Maxon Design
Address: 4364 Hill St, San Diego, CA
Business Information: Maxon Design reviews constraints, explores desired results, and identifies opportunities which each project provides on behalf of our clients in the design process. This applies to projects such as generating design criteria, establishing architectural brand identity, and re-imaging of mixed use projects, as well as designs “from the ground up.”
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Alin’s father started a national advertising agency and while growing up Alin had the opportunity of being around creative people, art, design and that dynamic environment. Art both was and continues to be a source of stimulus for composition, whether in the 3D arena or on the layout page. Similar to one who may develop an ad campaign, Alin inquires about client needs and project opportunities to help distill what the core issues are and to determine the best direction for new projects.

Alin is very fortunate to love what he does and to work with creative teams, enabling him to witness ideas develop and the realization of visions in the residential, corporate, civic, or commercial arena.

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Business Phone Number: (619) 224-5200
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