Modernism Week Showcase Home Tour: Gillman Residence Modernism Week 2020

Described as one of Herbert Burns’ “more lavish homes,” this Late Moderne-style 1948 home of Dr. and Mrs. Gillman in Little Tuscany has been expertly restored for Modernism Week 2020. $40 (30 min)
Architectural aficionados of Herbert Burns’ trademark work in several apartment hotels including the Hideaway (originally the Town & Desert), Holiday House, and the Orbit In won’t want to miss this year’s Modernism Week Showcase Home: The Gillman Residence. This 1948 home of Dr. and Mrs. Gillman, described by architectural historian and author Steven Keylon as one of Burns’ “more lavish homes,” has been restored for Modernism Week 2020 by the dynamic duo at Thomboy Properties. Inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier in the style of Late Moderne, a precursor to what would later be termed “Modernism”, the Gillman house was designed to take advantage of the natural beauty of the desert as well as the appealing climate, with a functional, spacious and light filled interior.